Why You Should Ignore Rotten Tomatoes and See “Justice League”

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

You know, Rotten Tomatoes has been a thorn in my side for the better part of the last year. The site was my boyfriend’s go to when it came to films to watch. We went through a string of terrible horror films due to their 90% and above recommendations, oftentimes making me feel the loss of hours out of my life which I’ll never get back.

And then along came “Justice League,” carrying the torch of DC Comics, extending the verse. Now, I’ve been excited about this film ever since I saw footage for it at San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H the last few years. Ben Affleck’s Batman oozed depth since he first hit the screen in “Batman V Superman,” and has continued to shine (well, shine in Batman’s darkness). He does not shy away from violence, his worth, his capabilities, or the truth. He brings forth a strong presence in the film.

Then, we have the new additions of Barry Allen, Victor Stone and Arthur Curry, all individuals with enough poignant screentime in well chosen dialogue and tightly crafted scenes to show who they are without bloating the film’s story or run time. This is a true feat indeed.

Finally, we have Wonder Woman making her return, who had one of the best action sequences in the film, only to have one of the best action moments when she squares off a recently resurrected Clark Kent.

There were a ton of moving parts in this, and six major players, and yet, no one felt left out, under utilized, or overstated. This film started strong with its opening, somber and moving, and finished pretty good. I would have subbed out the villain for someone Kryptonian, but you can’t have everything.

Rotten Tomatoes saw fit to give this film a rank in the high thirties on the week of its opening, and I had to wonder…what was it they were judging? Did they watch the same movie? They couldn’t possibly have. There is a bias with DC films, and it’s incredibly transparent when it comes to the critics who create the “official” percentage rating on the site. I implore anyone reading or paying attention…judge for yourselves.  If there’s a film you have an interest in, or a show, give it a look see and decide for yourself if it was worth it.  I saw “Justice League” and loved it. It’s possible you will, too.  It’s possible you might not.  The important thing is, you decide for yourself.

It’s this one fangirl’s opinion that there truly is nothing fresh about Rotten Tomatoes.

Please check out the video below where I [and Brandenn] go into full detail about why this film worked, and the parts that didn’t.

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