Whedonverse Films That Need to Happen

Everyone is going on and on about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot, and have been for some time.  I know that it’s inevitable, but honestly?  There are a few other stories in the Buffyverse that should (and frankly need) to happen.  Why these have not been considered, I shall never know…


“The Slayer: Nikki Wood”



I actually had the pleasure to ask Joss this question at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and it is something, given his reaction, that did not appear to have crossed his mind.  I asked if he had considered a series of slayer films, starting with the badass with flair, Nikki Wood.

Nikki Wood started with like, two minutes of screentime, facing off against the infamous Spike.  Two minutes, and she doesn’t even speak.  Still I looked at her and thought, “Oh my god, where is the rest?!”  We later learn in the series that, unlike most of the slayers who had been called, Nikki was a bit older [which could suggest that she may have been one of the longest living slayers to ever have been active next to Buffy], and she had time to have a son.  I know the comics touch on her story, but this story is strong enough to be properly presented on screen.  Additionally, I would nominate Danai Gurira as the title role–a proven actress with talent, grit, fearlessness, grace and badassery, and for James Marsters to reprise his role as the character of Spike (because no one would do it better, and he could still very much look “right” for the role, in spite of how long it’s been since he’s played the character).




Awhile back, there was talk about doing a Ripper series, or TV movie.  I don’t know what happened there, but they need to seriously reconsider doing a film (of the non-TV variety) about this layered, rebellious watcher, Rupert “Ripper” Giles.  Yes, it’s another period piece, but there is so much richness of both the text and the character that would ultimately end up with a most interesting character study.  I would recommend one of the following to play a young Rupert: Michael Fassbender, Ed Skrein (who perhaps looks the most like a young, Tony Head), or Andrew Lincoln.  How many skeletons were in Giles’ closet?  I would sure love to find out.  Remember Ethan Rayne and Egyon and “Band Candy”?  Tell me you don’t want to know more about how deep Giles’ rabbit hole goes… Okay, could have phrased that better, but my point is, he is interesting, and I’ve always wanted to see this played out good and proper.



review-5Period pieces, amirite?  This wasn’t intentional, going into it, but some of the greatest stories are told via flashback, and the Whedonverse is no different.

“Aurelius” would focus on the scourges of Europe: Darla, Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike as they cut a swath through the old world.  I’m talking “Interview with a Vampire,” but with a lot more fun.  I’ve always wanted to know [more] about how these four interacted, and their history together.  Angel gave us a lot of great glimpses, but these four titan characters deserves so much more than a glimpse.review-5

As far as I know, three out of four of the cast would be on board (Julie Benz, most recently, James Marsters and Juliet Landau).  David Boreanaz is a sketchy, gray area but…I think if this were an actual big screen film and not a TV movie, I would hope he would want to reprise the role of one of the evilest vampires to ever grace any screen.  I mean the menace that is Angelus…I miss that guy.  And what’s so amazing is that they could go ahead and make it rated R and hold nothing back.



Also, they have to get William’s wig right, but, I think this would be most outstanding, and I’ve been talking about the need for this film for at least ten years.  I think the time has come for this to be set in motion.  I’m beseeching the PTB’s on this–can we get one (or all) of these films in the works?  I would be ever so grateful.

So what do you think?  Which film would you most be interested in seeing?  Or, is there another Whedonverse character(s) you’d like to see get some extra TLC on the big screen?  Leave a comment below!

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    • Very interesting…

      I feel like it would be an angst-drama, given her history of abuse at home. I am curious to know more about Tara McClay…thanks for dropping a comment!

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