Thor & Loki: The Buddy Film We All Need

Hello, gentle readers.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done an update, as life has been terribly helter skelter, but I wanted you to know I’m back, and, I’ve just seen the lasts MCU installment: “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Initially, I had my reservations about this next installment of solo Thor films, as I wasn’t thrilled with the first, and was so-so on the second. As always, I feel these films need more Loki, or, more Loki and Thor. This film offered more of that, but they could go further. I’d argue that they in fact need to go further.

Hemsworth and Hiddleston make the perfect duo–a new aged version of Bing and Crosby. This type of intimacy is rare or screen with bros, rarer still in films. Such examples that come to mind are Roday and Hill of Psych, or Boreanaz and Marsters of Angel, both on the small screen. As a fangirl, I can say with certainty that seeing two buds–two bros in this case–go on wacky adventures and treat each other to funny pranks. With Chris and Tom’s Thor and Loki, this is damn near effortless. As much as I loved Thor’s onscreen time with The Hulk and Bruce, or the strong and mutual bond and loyalty with Heimdall, it just simply doesn’t compare.

As for the film itself…am I the only one that wants to cosplay as Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster? Anyone? Bueller?


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Note: Up next will be DC’s “The Justice League.”

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