THE WALKING DEAD Continues to Kill It This Season

Time and again this season, The Walking Dead has not slowed its pace, or deterred from the tale of All Out War. Everyone plays a role and gets to say their piece in the eighth season of the series.

Last night’s ep, “Time for After” offered powerful performances, astounding dialogue, and a great action sequence of Rick with a lesser version of Winslow. Eugene struggles, continuously so, on how to proceed–on how to be a Savior without getting anyone else hurt. Josh McDermitt delivers a fantastic and compelling performance as the faux scientist, giving life to the struggle on what should be done, how to proceed, and what is right.

Christian Serratos also has a powerful moment as Rosita, for what seems like the first time ever, being a voice of reason to the group. Sadly, her message is mostly fell on deaf ears, resulting in potential disaster for AHK (Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom). Last night, she proclaimed, “I believe in Rick Grimes.” As an audience member who fell in love with this story because of Rick’s tale, that resonated heavily with me.

The mid-season finale will air this Sunday, at ninety minutes, and I have no idea what is in store. I do think, however, given the many loose canons on the Grimes side of things, it will not bode well for one of our leads. Maybe more.

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2 thoughts on “THE WALKING DEAD Continues to Kill It This Season

  1. i agree with you about the season so far even though a lot of people are saying the writing is bad and that they are bored and just bashing the show i but i love and will always love the journey of rick grime dosen’t matter where it takes him

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