The Part Where Michonne Is A Ghost

As an active part of fandom, specifically The Walking Dead, I was linked to a very well done fan vid.  Except…

It decided to not portray one of the biggest supporting characters, who also happens to be the co-leader, right hand, and love of the lead character—Michonne.Rick and Michonne ready to fight

This brought backto mind those last few comic cons I attended where Michonne (and Richonne) were treated as a non-issue, as if it doesn’t exist in the series.  Two weeks after Game of Thrones “Hold the door/Hordor” incident, there were shirts, posters and fan art.  Four months after Rick and Michonne consummate their relationship, we get…


Zero. Zilch.  Nada.  The big goose egg.

We even have Rickyl (i.e. Rick and Daryl) items and fan art and fanvids, but Richonne is rare.  Oh sure, it has its pockets of fandom, specifically Tumblr and a few Facebook pages, but here’s the thing, though:

Michonne and Richonne are canon; NOT fanon.  So why does fanon get more represMichonne BWentation in fan art and in dealer rooms and in fan vids?

The vid in question can be found here.  Michonne is shown once–the back of her head–as she shows a character a message; a character who doesn’t even see the end of a full episode.  Michonne, w
ho has been part of the show for four out of six seasons, and is still on it. Michonne who is integral to the life of the lead character (Rick Grimes) of said show and his family.  Michonne, who shares the cover of the season six box set with said lead character AND IS THE FIRST CHARACTER TO DO SO.  Michonne, who is popular in her own right.  Michonne, who co-leads Team Family with Rick.  Michonne, who has gotten her own moving speeches.  But you want to show the back of her fucking head in a fourteen-minute video?  You want to act as if she has no face, or no voice?  Oh, but you got lesser characters in there fully represented for their short/inconsequential stay on the series.  Okay.

The creator claimed that they didn’t feel ANY of Michonne’s quotes or scenes fit the theme of this vid.  NOT ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY SCENE IN FOUR SEASONS WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS FOURTEEN MINUTE VIDEO.

I found a few:

Michonne quotes

And that was just off of the top of my head.

I cannot stress how important this character is, and I appreciate how The Walking Dead and Gimple & Co. have treated this character with reverence and grace, allowing her to be a fully formed character who has her dignity, who can be strong, who can be practical, who can be appreciated, who can be loved, who can be tender, who can be a nurturer, and a fighter all at the same time.  There are no stereotypes with Michonne.

Sorry, didn’t mean to wax poetic, but her treatment beyond AMC is offensive and insulting and I am so over it.

I am so fucking sick of the blatant disrespect this character is shown. I am sick of the lack of representation. I am sick of her importance being slighted and ignored.


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4 thoughts on “The Part Where Michonne Is A Ghost

  1. Agreed. I heard about this vid bc youtube tried to send me there. At first I ignored it thinking it was another negan killed Michonne vid and read the comments. I notice a lot of people are not happy abt her lack of her not being shown. I’m sick of it also from twd merch etc. It’s not fair or right that this iconic character is treated so poorly. I’m still shocked at the lack of richonne. My only comfort is that S Gimple obv doesn’t give a shit abt racists etc and put them together bc it makes absolute sense and they are hot together. Poor michonne and Danai. I had an conversation with someone abt the Michonns dead vids and she had the nerve to say DG must be flattered by them. I was like I’m sure she is not. Idk but the last few vids I have seen her in she doesn’t seen as happy abt richonne as b4. I think bc people have been making it personal toward her onntwitter and insta. Anyway I truly hope things turn around. And I hope richonne is shoved down our throats. We and michonne deserve it.

  2. Just watched it. I also noticed only men apoke. And hardly or no men of color. That person is a clear idiot

  3. I think we can see what is going on here but as history has shown, no matter how hard they try to marginalize us we always manage to ascend to heights they didn’t even imagine case and point Danai Gurari a.k.a. Michonne.

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