Luke Cage Brings Best Character to TV: Shades

It’s been a good, long while since I’ve written on Fangirl. Not because I ran out of things to say, but it’s truly a labor of love, as I have not had much free time as of late. However, I simply had to write about Hernan Shades Alvarez. I haven’t felt this strongly about a […]

It’s Bigger than Her (2 of 2)

A white actress claims she’s being short-changed in pay and opportunity. The world calls her brave! White movie exec claims Black films don’t sell overseas. He’s called realistic and business savvy! Topics like these frustrate me. Because the implications are bigger than the entertainment industry. Bigger than an actress, a film, a pay dispute. Bigger […]

It’s Bigger Than Her (1 of 2)

I may not be a fan of everything comedian and Academy Award-winning actress, Mo’Nique, has performed in, but the response to her call to boycott Netflix has me vexed. The immediate dismissal and caricature of her argument could be seen as another facet of respectability politics – and in some aspect, misogynoir.

Why NetFlix’s D A R K Is A Must See | House of Fangirl

First, let me start by saying that Netflix has been killing it with original content, but I do think that their series DARK is in a league of its own. Many are erroneously comparing this to Stranger Things, but let me tell you something… It’s not. If I had to choose anything to compare this series to, it would be a […]