KRAMPUS Movie Review

Drop Dead Fred.  Coneheads.  She-Devil.  The Cable Guy.  Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead.  The Mask.  Death Becomes Her. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Groundhog Day.

While a small sample, I think the films listed are a bit indicative of the zany, comedic films that were available in the late eighties to mid nineties.  A few months ago, I actually wondered if they were just a stamp in time, or if the [somewhat] unspecified genre could ever make a comeback.  Comedy and film have greatly evolved, but apparently, somethings, while on hiatus, never truly go out of style.  I can’t I saw “Krampus” last night and I have to say…

review1It seems like something that was pulled right out of 1995.  And I mean that in the best of ways.  The film was comedy and horror and zany and weird.  It was a film about a family during the holidays, who has to make nice with relatives they have absolutely nothing in common with.  Well, other than children roughly the same age.  The film opens with a scene akin to what Black Friday was like in some stores.  The style of directing and set up instantly had me transported to the 90s, and I buckled in for the ride of this horrific Christmas tale.

The story diverts from random comedy to supernatural when Max, the young boy who still believed in Christmas, finally gives up.  His family has effectively killed his Christmas spirit.  Given how horrible his cousins are, and how his own family doesn’t bother to stand up for him (i.e. one cousin repeatedly calling him Maxi Pad in front of all of the adults in the film, and no one making a comment about it), it’s a wonder his Christmas spirit endured as long as review2it had.  Still, that one moment sends the entire neighborhood during a tailspin, beginning with a tumultuous snow storm that knocks out all of the power…

While this film made me nostalgic for the goofiness and tomfoolery of early 90s films, it definitely stood out as its own thing.  It was entertaining, funny, clever, and fresh, all the while appearing as a throwback.  Wasn’t sure where it was going to go, wasn’t mad where it ended, and mos def enjoyed the ride.

Go get your holiday on with Krampus.

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