How Buffy The Vampire Slayer Has Changed My Life

My first experience with Buffy was through the film, starring Kristy Swanson.  I was entertained; I was inspired.  I think people can say what they want about the film, but the reality is, it laid the foundation for the show.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer was amcollage BtVSong one of the first reboots of that decade.  When the show finally did air, I watched it with trepidation, wondering how it would pan out.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I was intrigued from the pilot, and the dynamic of the cast.  While today, excluding “The Pack,” I may not watch season 1 in full, it was strong enough to keep me going to the next season, which is when I really got engaged.  We meet Spike, one of my most favorite characters of all time, Angel became Angelus, Buffy utilizes a BAZOOKA and more.

The seasons rolled along, and I was an avid watcher.  Though I took a break about half way through s4, I came back for the season finale, and resumed in season 5.

My dedication to this show has manifested itself in reading and writing fan fic, as well as reading and writing many essays that study the show and its characters, which has made me a better writer and storyteller.  It has made me proactive in participating in comic con life, which has helped me build relationships, and has even affected me to this day (albeit in a different fandom).  Still, some of my dearest friends on the planet were met on thcollage 3e Spuffy fanboard The Bloodshedverse, or at the second convention I ever attended, Grand Slam.  Some of my adventures even inspired a novel, and allowed me the freedom to create my own heroine.

This show also allowed me to conduct some of my first interviews, and overall allowed me to have a plethora of amazing experiences as a writer, a journalist, and as a fan.

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years…Still awaiting that Spike movie, though.

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