Diary of a Fangirl: Skyfall

This weekend I got to see “Skyfall.”

I grew up watching Bond.  James Bond.  As a girl with my mom, who watched it when she was a kid.  This franchise has been ongoing for the last fifty years, and that is tremendous.

I will admit that, like many people, I have my “favorite” Bonds, and after Pierce Brosnan left, I stopped watching.  And I’d like to slap myself now for missing out on just simply watching Daniel Craig walk around in a suit [or without].

But there was something about “Skyfall”–perhaps the hypnotic single by Adele for it, and the awesomeness of the trailers, compelled me to see this one.

Even though I personally wouldn’t give it four stars (I’d give it a solid three), I enjoyed the film.  This is the first time that Agent 007 is actually wounded and not up to snuff (or at least, in regards to the mandatory tests given out by MI6).  The core cast is…altered and added to (can’t say more without spoilers), just as the James’ have been over the last five decades.

The best parts of the film was the story arc–it was well done.  Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem’s first scene together (I love slash–blatant or foreshadowing–it doesn’t matter).

The song “Skyfall.”  Naomie Harris.  And, Ralph Fiennes who (gasp!) isn’t playing a villain.  Oh snap!

So yeah, even if you’re not a die hard Bond fan, and just want to see a well constructed film with solid acting, go and see this one if you already haven’t.

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