Diary of a Fangirl: Shark Tank

One of my favorite shows has finally returned this past Friday–Shark Tank.

This show was one of the few shows that I started to watch because my mother insisted that I do.  I grudgingly watched an ep and shortly thereafter became addicted.  The addiction just happened to coincide when the dynamic of the tank was changed up with the introduction of Mark Cuban, who replaced that guy who’s name I don’t remember.

I love each of the sharks in different ways and really can’t lay a name to a favorite–Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, and Robert (who’s kinda cute) are all awesome in different ways.

This season started off great, though the sharks do seem to have more of a cohesive unity about them, and even worked out a deal involving all of them for this season’s first ep.  Perhaps it’s because they now know each other a bit more, or maybe the show called for it.  Unsure, but I do look forward to seeing them Fridays.


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