I don’t know why this particular review manifested itself in the manner in which I am sharing it, but I suppose one can take a guess.  There are no spoilers in the images below.  However, there is a hint at one in the last image.  Additionally, what is not mentioned in the review is that […]

KRAMPUS Movie Review

Drop Dead Fred.  Coneheads.  She-Devil.  The Cable Guy.  Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead.  The Mask.  Death Becomes Her. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Groundhog Day. While a small sample, I think the films listed are a bit indicative of the zany, comedic films that were available in the late eighties to mid nineties.  A few […]

“The Revenant” Movie Review

Yesterday, I was able to see a pre-screening of the film “The Revenant,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhall Gleeson, and Will Poulter. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this.  If you told me, “Hey–want to see a film where DiCaprio doesn’t speak much, is mostly alone, and spends a good deal crawling […]

“TRUMBO” Movie Review

Every once in awhile, I’ll see a film or read a story or book that touches me in a special way and provides motivation to be better.  “Trumbo” is this year’s inspiration. I didn’t know much, well, anything about Dalton Trumbo.  In fact, with a career that spanned nearly half a century (with some work […]

“The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” Review

While waiting for the “Batman V. Superman” panel at San Diego Comic Con, the audience got their first glimpse of Henry Cavill on stage for “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” panel.  While looking at Henry isn’t a bad deal (nor is looking at Armie Hammer), I wasn’t exactly excited about the panel, or hearing about the […]

FANTASTIC 4: Yea Or Nay?

Tonight, in spite of hearing poor reviews about “Fantastic 4,” I paid my money and went to the show.  I have to say… I liked it. Oh sure, the alternate dimension set could have had a bit more “oomf” put into it, or you know, money with the CGI, but the story itself was solid. […]


One of the first posts I made on this blog was about my going to the “Magic Mike” premier.  I didn’t love it.  There were a lot of things that were very problematic, and the only bits I cared about were of Channing Tatum dancing. But “Magic Mike XXL,” well…Channing’s body and its movement are […]

Jurassic World

Going into this film, I had the idea in my head that the magic from the first film would be impossible to capture [ever again]. And I was right. But, even though I was totally right, it doesn’t mean that this film was bad.  In fact, it was great.  It ended up being like, a […]