About Jill

Writer. Journalist. Creator.

Jill Robi is a writer, speaker and film journalist from Chicago. She and her boyfriend [Brandenn Orban-Griggs] are the cosplaying Rick and Michonne who won this year’s AMC’s Talking Dead’s Ultimate Fan contest, and appeared on the pre-season finale.

A Chicago native with a BA in fiction writing, Jill is a movie aficionado, self-proclaimed geek, avid comic-con attendee, panelist & moderator, and cosplayer.  She continues to grow her own creation, Fangirl, as a press and film critic, and has written essays and articles across various platforms, including GlamourHuffington PostBustleScreenRant, and more.

Currently, Jill is working on her fourth novel.  Not keen on being traditional, it is also her fourth, vastly different genre to write in [street contemporary].  Though she favors pop-fic and chick lit, Jill also likes to write poetry, noir, and sci-fi/fantasy.  She particularly loves exploring character studies.

Jill also has a commentary show on YouTube.

She writes first and foremost for her own entertainment.  She hopes that by sharing her work with the world, she can also achieve the entertainment and enjoyment of others as well.

If you’d like to support Jill and her work, you can buy her a cup of coffee, or donate to her PayPal.