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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs-How Effective is a Treatment?

When we talk of the need to assess the effectiveness of a drug and substance abuse treatment program, it is to be noted that other than the need to help the so affected addict stop the use of the drug in question, they ought to as well ensure that they aim at restoring them to productive living in the home, at work and in the society as well. By and large, research that has been conducted on those who have been in rehab and treatment facilities over an extended period of time has actually confirmed it as a fact that such persons actually saw such a significant boost in their lives, from the fact that they were able to stop the use of the substance, decreased rates of involvement in crime, saw a boost in their social, occupational and psychological functioning.

Take for instance the use of methadone which has actually proved to be so useful when it comes to the need to reduce an addict’s urge to take the particular drug or substance and the criminal acts that follow the use while at the same time increases their participation in behavioral therapies. Though it is to be noted that the success of the treatments will be highly dependent on a variety of factors such as the extent of the problem, the effectiveness of the treatment applied and the relationship there is between the patient and the caregivers.

It is however a fact that any case of addiction can be managed successfully just as it is with any other kind of chronic illness. By and large, an addiction simply creeps in with the disruption of the affected person’s brain chemistry and how it interprets stimuli and as such effective treatment will simply seek to counteract the condition’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain. By having such a treatment program that aims at this, you can be well assured that this will be the kind of program that will get you the desired results, in essence helping the addict regain control of their lives. But you need to be alive to the very potent likelihood of relapse which is quite common with an addiction to drugs and substances. One thing to know of is that in the event that there is such a case of relapse, this is not to be seen as an indication that the treatment was a failure anyway. The addiction and rehab facility will tell you that a successful treatment to addiction will require follow ups and continual evaluation and as well modification of the treatments as may be necessary for the success at the end to come.
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