Wizard World Shenanigans and Meeting David Boreanaz

Note: Sorry for the delay.  I wrote one version and it got accidentally deleted, so I had to start all over.  Maybe this one turned out for the best. Mild anxiety attack. Didn’t know he had been doing autos first, so I got in line for the photos early.  First dozen people or so were […]

Let’s Be Cops

…Or as it’s better known as– “Let’s Be Psych–The F/X Edition” “Let’s Be Cops” is a buddy film that involves an odd couple of bros who are also BFFs for the last ten years or so.  You have Shawn Ryan, who’s unemployed and likes to relive the glory days of his youth, goofing around, living off […]

The Purge: Anarchy

Going into the pre-screening for this film, my expectations weren’t terribly high due to my slight ambivalence over its predecessor.  I didn’t really care about any of the characters; actually wanted one or two of the main characters to just die already. This film, however, turns it all the round. It feels as if the […]

Maleficent and the Power of Pure Love

Yes, pure love, and not true love. Note: Very mild spoilers. Admittedly, I am a HUGE Angelina fan, but I did in fact go into this film as an impartial viewer.  If it had sucked, I would be honest and say that it did, but it did not. Let’s start with the audience–lots of children and […]

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” Leaves the Past Behind

But in a good way. Fourteen years ago, I was disappointed in the first “X-Men” film, in spite of adoring the performances and portrayals of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Sir Ian McKellen’s Magneto, and Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.  As the years passed on and the movies rolled out, this sense of tremendous disappointment would continue […]

“Edge of Tomorrow” Movie Review

Note: For those of you who don’t like to read, scroll down to check out my sixty-second movie review on YouTube. Tonight, I was able to attend a pre-screening of Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi action film, “Edge of Tomorrow.” I was actually at San Diego Comic Con, and terribly shocked when Tom Cruise walked on […]

The Trouble with Godzilla

I saw “Godzilla” yesterday, a film I’d been looking forward to since last summer. Sadly to say, I was grossly disappointed. Here is a bullet pointed list explaining why: There wasn’t nearly enough Bryan Cranston.  For a film that wanted to have monologues and focus on character, they didn’t utilize the best actor asset they […]

DIVERGENT Movie Review

While I have not read the books, I was all too curious to see the latest in teen film phenomena (presumably), “Divergent.”  In addition to it taking place and being filmed in my awesome city of Chicago, was based on the novel by Veronica Roth, who wrote the first one as her thesis for a […]